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We have finalized our dates for this years training events.
Please the entire information below.
June 20 – 6pm to 8pm (Monday)
July 9 – 9am to noon (Saturday)
July 25 – 6pm to 8pm (Monday)
Aug 14 – 9am to noon (Sunday)
Aug 27 – 9am to noon (Saturday)
The fee structure will now be $50 per driver on the Monday night events and $40 per driver on the Saturday morning events.
All drivers will be required to purchase a club membership for $30 to be eligible to participate (This is mandatory, no exceptions).
The cost to rent the track has quadrupled for the Monday night events. The club has also had our portion of the affiliation fee double for the season. This, coupled with the 50% increase in insurance, has forced us to increase our rates and limit us to 5 events for the season.
We are unsure if we will be able to break even at these rates and depending how much of a loss we take, we may have to increase rates again next year.
The number of drivers is also going to be restricted now. 14 max for Monday nights (2 hr session) and 21 max for Saturday/Sunday mornings (3 hr session).
Sessions are now on an hourly rate and we want to ensure the participants get three runs in during the training event.
Stay tuned to our website (, Twitter ( and Facebook ( page for updates and individual calender events.